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What are the most common terms used in XML?

The most common terms used in XML are:

  • Characters (Unicode) – the content of an XML document.
  • Processor – analyzes the markup and passes structured information to the application.
  • Application – uses the structured information to deliver results; the interface.
  • Markup – the characters that comprise the “code” of the XML document and identifiable with “<…..>” or “&….;”.
  • Content – the characters of the XML document that is not considered code and found between tags.
  • Tag – markup constructs beginning with “<” and ending with “>”:  there are start-tags <section>, end-tags </section>, and empty-element tags <line-break/>.
  • Element – A logical component of a document that either begins with a start-tag and matching end-tag or uses an empty-element tag.
  • Child Elements – additional markups contained within an element.
  • Attribute – a markup construct identifying a name/value pair.
  • XML Declaration – defined information about the document.

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